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Religions Spread Through Conquest Essays (2421 words) - Culture

Religions Spread Through Conquest Religions Spread Through Conquest- When contemplating history, both in an expert and scholarly sense, we attempt to make associations among human advancements and time periods. Students of history have endeavored to find widespread constants of human instinct, a bond that structures from landmass to mainland, human being to individual. Is there a steady quality that all people groups groups, and is reflected in all human advancements? For sure, it is incredibly hard to make speculations about hundreds of years of present day history. To state that something is valid for all of history is for all intents and purposes outlandish, as a counter-model exists for pretty much anything that can be said of any gathering of civic establishments. To state that all religions are spread by viciousness is similarly out of line and false - on the grounds that differentiated religions has been spread in exceedingly various locales of the world, by immeasurably various societies. Islam, as a prime model, has been portrayed unjustly by students of history and the media as a religion of savagery. To put it obtusely, as this article does, Islam was basically spread through Arab regional triumphs (Sudo, 4). In any case, upon assessment, it isn't reasonable for make the speculation that Islam is a religion of brutality, and one notification when taking a gander at world religion on an entire, one finds that Islam was not any more savage than some other religion. Indeed, not exclusively is Islam not a in a general sense fierce way of thinking, however we can likewise observe that numerous other religions ordinarily considered peaceful, for example, Christianity or Hinduism, have been spread through bleeding victory. In this way, in scanning for an all inclusive consistent of history, we should not fall into the false notion of deliberations, as Sydney J. Harris acutely puts it, and expect that as a result of confined occurrences and clashes of regional aspirations, that all religions have rough propensities. Islam has, consistently, been to some degree casualty of situation - in reality it has been seen by numerous individuals as abusive and barbarous. This conviction started over a thousand years prior, when Islamic people groups initially compromised the western world. As they gradually sabotaged Byzantine position, Christians got startled of their quality, bringing about across the board ill will and abhorrence. Hindus and Buddhists of the South Asian subcontinent lived under Islamic law for hundreds of years (Ahmad, et. al., 186), and in the end, in the twentieth century, split the area into irate groups (Ahmad, et. al., 207). Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, was an incredible warrior. This perpetually lead vanquished people groups to accept that he generated a clique of war and brutality. Throughout the hundreds of years, it likewise has built up the capacity to ingrain a feeling of heavenly reason onto its adherents and troopers, where they go into a clash of unavoidable demise for their confidence in the jihad, or then again heavenly war. Indeed, even today, the jihad is as yet an intense wellspring of struggle and repugnance, as the a considerable lot of the issues in the Middle East revolve around the issue of Islamic Fundamentalism and the jihads. Initially, Islam was seen by western antiquarians as a religion of savagery and victory; by going after the parades of the Quraish, [Mohammed] debilitated them to the point of accommodation (Mohammed and Islam, 1). Truth be told, Mohammed was a warrior, blue-blood, and splendid tactician - a glaring difference to numerous other heavenly men of history. He had to both safeguard his urban communities and power accommodation, as the entry had appeared, on account of the solid military forces of his strict antecedents and oppressors, the agnostics of the Center East. Islam implies accommodation as per the Islam conversation in class - and one may accept that the accommodation was achieved through military and commanding methods. Truth be told, while Mohammed lectured harmony from 610 to 622 AD, he pulled in not many believers and was abused by the current decision paganistic system. After the dreams of 622 AD, he understood that his motivation was significantly more pressing than previously, and just by then did he start to use his military aptitudes (Class Discussion). Notwithstanding, regardless of the more savage nature that his mission took, significantly after the disclosures by Gabriel in 622 AD, by discussing his disclosures so anyone might hear, Mohammed made numerous believers, (Mohammed and Islam,1). Mohammed was not an absolutely rough man, yet additionally an extraordinary speaker and revolutionary (Mueller,

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Get Free Solution for BAE Denver Airport Case Study

Question: Portray about the Heathrow air terminal 5's improvement venture? Answer: Presentation Heathrow air terminal 5's advancement venture was known as one of the super structures, which included in excess of 60 organizations, and it was contains 16 significant errands and 147 sub-undertakings (Sf Heathrow case, 2010). The undertaking ensured a principle air terminal, two satellite TV gadgets, an aviation authority structure, and prepares and transports association, as for natural effect just as hazard the board. The realities and numbers about universal terminal are that, first, there are 30,000 square shape meters of glass in divider; second, there are 60 new plane stands; third, 13km of channels are sick of gear overseeing and train joins; fourth, most water losing on the structure will be reused; at last, there are six new train frameworks associated with global terminal (BBC, 2008). Heathrow's air terminal 5's venture was a basic task since it has gigantic impacts toward a monetary framework and social advantages (Heathrow Airport Limited, 2011). Heathrow air terminal 5 was worked to decrease the travelers' failure because of the Heathrow stress. From the outset, Heathrow air terminal 5's venture was considered to function admirably which was on routine and value run. Then again, fourteen days after the beginning, Heathrow air terminal 5 encountered the gigantic blend of issues. With this blend of issues, Heathrow air terminal 5's undertaking exhibits the hole of the task, which is stunning. Advancement venture accomplishments prerequisites depend on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) demonstrating the conclusion inside time, inside a value go, and inside a lot of objectives and partners' need. In this way, it is pivotal to play out a post audit on some principle reasons of the task so as to completely see the accomplishments and falling flat of the undertaking. Four administration issues are expressed underneath: Flopped in inception Vehicle stopping: there was some unimportant interference to workers' vehicle leaving on the principal day. As indicated by a joined BA/BAA (British Airports/British Airports Authority) exposure made on the day, auto vehicle ending issues affected close to 60 workers assistants, accomplishing difficulties of less than 10 min (BAA Heathrow, 2004). Flopped in arranging Lifts and elevators were not being operational: On the primary day 28 out of 192 elevators were not feasible in wayfarer generally speaking plane terminal places on 27th March. By May seventh, 17 were still not meeting desires in any case. It was anticipated that everything except for 4 future utilitarian before the finish of May (Kimberley, 2005). Regardless of progressing looking at before 27th March, 2 elevators out of 103 overview on the beginning day however were returning in activity by 9.30 that day (BBC, 2008). Air stages: BAA said that all air-stages were accessible on beginning a day, yet that an assortment had been persuaded out of limits by BA workers because of lack of comprehension. There were issues, for example, altering the gadgets which had compelled to fall on limit so it required specialists to make fitting and reboot the contraptions. Exactly when people become familiar with the gadgets the plan issues disappeared and BA recognized that the issues with the travelers had generally been settled by seventh May (Brady, 2010) (Perrow, 1999). Flopped in executing Things managing basic issues: in the main day, the entirety of which keep gear were being placed into the BHS (British Home Stores) was far higher than the whole they were being stacked onto the plane by BA baggage and coordinations capacities which step by step structured a gridlock in the framework. The structure itself managed inside design plans. They see framework thought about that BA Strategies would move the full gadget working contraptions to the plane and complete them. Regardless, on the primary day this didn't occur (Sagan, 1993). There were issues with the specialists attempting to sign into the framework. It influences data which had been wrongly present on the structure the day sooner. The issue was obliged to eight assistants of BA laborers and was cleared by 8.56 am on 27th March (Burke, 2006). The other the course of action of login issues was an immediate aftereffect of bar venture code affirmation security passwords being made wrongly by BA. Over 26% of BA clients were coming into the confused insurance security passwords on the starting day accomplishing the framework to make sure about out the client after three ineffective activities (La Porte, 1991). BAA utilized a pace of insurance security riddle word resetting framework to change this issue that day. In his confirmation, Mr. Terry Morgan, the then executing Managing Manager of Heathrow, portrayed that the things managing structure is extraordinarily tangled and believed people placing in baggage the program working and individuals taking out gear. What was not broke down besides, it ought to have been was the last piece that is, getting the baggage from the gear zone to the airplane (BAA: The T5 Project Agreement, 2008) (Ripma, 1997). Willie Walsh (who is International Airlines Group's CEO) portrayed that there were additionally some specific program the course of action of the things managing a structure that made drawbacks before all else barely any periods (Major Project Association, 2007). The fundamental one, which was a structure channel that had been set up as a quirk of the exploring framework, was seen toward the week's end that is March 30 and purged that day; so from March 31st, that issue was settled. An expansive blend of undertaking issues that made issues was settled inside multiple times to work (Basu, 2009). From the BAA perspective, Colin Matthews delineated that the system channel and reuniting issues on the things managing a course of action of them would not have built up basic issues. The channel issue influenced just two or three packs between one specific overall plane terminal and a substitute (Larry, 2006). As showed by Walsh, the staff structure was really meeting the wants very well by seventh May when he offered his affirmation. Amidst the trailing and examining of the framework this was diminished to around five gear every thousand people (Brady, 2006). Bombed in controlling Quest for staffs and control facilitates: Difficulties of as long as 20 minutes were experienced by delegates Setbacks of as long as 20 minutes were educated by workers traveling through the slant region control content and the five representatives search focuses situated in the global air terminal (Luther, 2007) (Burns, 2014). The system for regulating representatives search focuses was portrayed out in close participation in the midst of BAA and BA considering approximated throughput fundamentals for each spot, anticipated that worker's methodologies should working situations and interest at stream costs avowed amidst pre-opening assessments. On the starting day, 4050% a greater number of experts appeared than had been normal experiencing the Southeast Outfit search for perspectives. Also, the appraisals didn't some portion of doing it again data by individuals, non-BA masters and retail shop outlet delegates who were encouraged to evaluate to execute starting. These get-togethers included different individuals utilizing temporary causes a to go at, testing data real worries through security which eased off steam (Caldwell, 2009). As showed by BAs CE, Willie Walsh, workers rule search for the position had been by and large updated, yet was as yet not totally meeting wants at the level BA would require especially he said that while there were adequate BAA assigns in May, once in a while remarkable security applications are either starting or close and that makes an issue (Deakin, 2009). In the event that, BA specialists go to one worker chase down position and it is shut, they are sent directly to a substitute, which could be some segregating blend away. This difficulty them getting their execute zones rapidly (Davies, 2009). BAA just couldn't permit an indistinct catastrophe to strike the alliance which is, obviously, a regulated business and in this way powerless against cost upgrades following its compensation is all around masterminded (Doherty, 2008). Its supporting is seen by five yearly perspectives of getting costs by its controller who awards BAA a set proportion of quiet returning and has additionally without question that BAA has adequate compensation to blast through cash on BAA. The controller awards us a specific proportion of quiet returning. Meanwhile to get along with our sellers, we need to beat that, says Riley. Colossal cost assaults or long difficulties to T5 would have broken the affiliation's notoriety and sent its stock expense rapidly diminishing (Deegan, 2006). It was not explicit strength which was lost in these bombed tries, in any case, their association and control, cluttered by how the plot was a great part of the time not reasonable delineated. Rather than trying to survey and grasp the risks in improve, they comprehends how to be managed after the event actuating broad cases and talk cases. In like manner, as Riley calls attention to, 40 % of the expenses of cases are the genuine cost (Flowers, 1996). At within the terminal 5 understanding is the real snare that BAA keeps up the hazard while providers execute as a part of a get-together to limit dangers and fulfillment the most ideal outcomes (Project Management Institute, 2013). Get-togethers of people from various affiliations perform reasonably on the boundless arrangement of progressively lessened assignments that make up a huge game-plan like terminal 5. Instead of ignoring a set amount to every expert for hazard, which reliably wraps up as a point of convergence, these activities are named somewhat simultaneous, which, on the off chance that unspent, is then accessible for a su

Cyber City Reaction Essay Example for Free

Digital City Reaction Essay The whole idea of â€Å"Cyber City,† a romanticized high-idea mecca of deep rooted incorporated learning, is an intriguing idea†¦on paper. Dennis Gooler and Charles Stegman, the creators of the paper conceptualizing the innovation driven instruction driven progress known as â€Å"Cyber City,† raise some intriguing and appropriate focuses. Integrating innovation into all aspects of learning bodes well, and it totally inarguable, particularly in today’s day and age when innovation is advancing so rapidly and accordingly the whole development of the social layers is changing continually with it. The main route for an individual to keep learning (and even start to remotely keep with up with the continually advancing innovation driven social climate) id by executing innovation into his/her regular learning strategies. It is likewise splendidly sensible that the way toward learning be made continuous all through a person’s life, and in each feature of their social and workplaces. (In fact, this is as of now the case regardlessâ€it is human instinct to continually be learning, intellectually retaining the things around them and disguising everything so as to all the more likely illuminate future exercises and decisionsâ€ask any social scientist, and all would concur that the learning procedure never stops, it just appears to be unique and originates from various sources. Be that as it may, to expect that a school-like environment is the just one wherein an individual can get significant instruction is something beyond credulous; it is annoying. Also, no individual might deny without predisposition another human being’s option to learn, and have equivalent access to learning materials as every others, giving everybody similar favorable circumstances and evening the odds. These are on the whole great thoughts. Much the same as the possibility that all individuals ought to have equivalent offers in close to home property and ought to be monetarily equivalent with no division in economic wellbeing and accordingly no vast error between the rich and poor. That thought is called communism, socialism in its progressively brutal structure, and however it sounds great on paper by and by they just can’t appear to get it to work right. What Gooler and Stegman have presented here is the possibility of Utopia; should call it Heaven. In spite of the fact that it might be enjoyable to extrapolate unendingly on the â€Å"wouldn’t-it-be-extraordinary if†s, this sort of (but benevolent) staring off into space doesn't in itself bring forth a game plan. What the creators have viably demonstrated all through this, their unending fantasizing of an ideal world, is that they have no genuine game plan (the rehashed refusal to diagram a procedure with respect to how to collect the cash for such a venture and keep it above water afterward is an extremely evident confirmation as to exactly how unworkable this arrangement seems to be). Their model is by all accounts dependent on the possibility that if everybody got along and everybody contributed and assisted and they all consented to do this together then it would be incredible. Be that as it may, there is such a great amount of accentuation on learning, and each territory inside this Cyber City is somehow or another authorized for extra realizing, that creators/imaginers of this arrangement neglect to represent the need this city should keep tenderizing in income, and a lot of it (which won’t occur if the work environment is compelled to open its entryways and arms to being a position of learning for all who want to do as such), also in any event, moving toward the subject of who is going to take care of everything for all these cutting edge contraptions to expand learning capacities which would be made available to the whole gang! Main concern is: this is free enterprise, not communism, and it seems like a good thought, truly it does, however don’t come out with such a long envisioning of an ideal world without having a type of serviceable strategy to see it to fulfillment. Furthermore, grieved, yet you do need to address the cash issue. You just can’t circle-talk your way around it. So thank you for the flawless imaginings of a world such a great amount of better than our own, a world where cash doesn’t matter and individuals aren’t expected to do anything throughout the day consistently with the exception of learn, and in a totally non-organized learning condition at that, however please attempt to bring somewhat more substance into it next time. A debt of gratitude is in order for playing.

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Discuss the contributions of iron technology to the process of state Essay - 1

Talk about the commitments of iron innovation to the procedure of state arrangement in Bantu Africa - Essay Example The Bantu people group had the idea of a ‘big man’ who was captivated with getting a handle on of new chances. Such a thought prompted the improvement of political foundations as chiefdoms refocused. It is accepted that three fundamental realms that occupied the western savannas appeared through this technique. They incorporate the Kongo, Luango, and the Tio. Significantly, copper exchange the added to the improvement of significant business showcase courses and significant markets that extended the domains of the current political foundations. For example, the Malebo Pool along River Zaire started through such a procedure. Besides, copper rich territories were viewed as ‘capitals’ headed by a ‘paramount chief’. The fundamental boss was encircled by a nearby circuit of a court of title holders who performed ceremonies and seals inside specific realms. Archeologically, along the Zaire valley iron and copper stores had been found. In regions, for example, Boko Songho-Mindouli territory, political foundations were identified with the huge stores of iron and copper (Alimen). The development of these realms in the fourteenth to seventeenth the century happened pretty much all the while because of iron innovation. Regardless, the Mbundu Kingdom was built up in the sixteenth century, and it controlled most financial assets and business courses in the south of the Kongo. As an indication of the political force they used, the Mbundu Kingdom utilized a bit of iron as an image and characteristic of their position. This bit of metal was known as ‘ngola’. It is realized that towards the finish of the fifteenth century a holder of that seal built up a significant realm. In ensuing hundreds of years, the token assumed a noteworthy job in the slave exchange (Alimen). Towards the finish of the eighteenth century, the Mbundu had composed an enormous business system of together with Portuguese workers whose exchanging troops came to the extent the Lozi and Lunda Kingdoms. The realms built up a sovereignty type of a

Astrology Forecast for the Class of 2023

Astrology Forecast for the Class of 2023 Its an incredibly exciting time of year, as the Class of 2023 is arriving to campus to begin their orientation to MIT. Im excited to connect with our newly enrolled class through a number of events over the next week. Tonight Ill be at a welcome dinner for students in FLIPOP, the new First-Gen/Low-Income Pre-Orientation Program designed to help students from marginalized backgrounds with their transition to MIT. Additionally, Ill be at a diversity and inclusion conversation hosted by the Office of Multicultural Programs, [emailprotected], and the Office of the First Year three amazing campus resources that are all here to help students navigate their college transition. In order to prepare, I reached out to Crissy on our Data Analysis Team (while you all still have plenty of time to think about future careers, if you love analyzing data, there are jobs at universities where you can use data to improve admissions processes and student support services!). Although Crissy was balancing many high-level projects this summer, I asked her to help me with one of the most important and high-stakes projects I have ever worked on: before I met the incoming class, I needed to know their astrological energy so I could best prepare myself. Here are the results *Disclaimer: The data for the US population birthdays comes from this website and were not too sure of its accuracy. Furthermore, we could only find data on US birthdays, but our incoming class comes from all over the world. Also, this is mostly just for fun, so just roll with it (unless you can find us better data!). DJs Forecast Whew, chile! Theres A LOT of Aquarius energy coming our way. In my honest opinion, Im not entirely surprised. Aquariuses are known for being the aliens of the zodiac. They tend to chart their own paths, think unconventionally, and are unique personalities. This sounds a lot like MIT to me. I think that many of our students arent confined by convention and are excited to tinker and think outside-of-the-box. Perhaps our incoming Aquariuses were great at navigating college fit the concept that there are some colleges that fit well for a students personality and joy, and others that do not. I can see an Aquarius coming to our Campus Preview Weekend in April and really finding their people here. We also seem to overrepresent in the Sagittarius department. Sags are known for their fire sign energy (explosive, loud) and also for genuinely finding joy in caring for others. Perhaps Sags faired well in our admissions process because they were able to connect to our mission of using STEM and other academic areas to make the world a better place. Sags not only like to go out into the world to adventure, but most Sags I know genuinely want to make the world better. What about Pisces and Scorpios? I have some guesses. Pisces are incredibly empathetic and great support systems for friends. I wonder if some of our Pisces applicants felt uncomfortable writing about themselves in their college essays, or procrastinated a bit because of caring for those around them. Any pisces applying this upcoming year know that we value your empathetic ways, but we want to learn about you in your college essays. Feel confident in writing about yourself (maybe start journaling now so you get used to it), and also let us know about the ways in which you care for and support your community in your essays. Also, start your apps now; procrastination is NOT your friend in the college app process. Scorpios, on the other hand, tend to be all about control. My guess is that some scorpios may have been too focused on controlling the process, that they werent able to let go. Perhaps they went to a college visit, and instead of sitting back and listening about the values and overall vibe of a campus community, they were taking notes on fine details and missing the larger messages about the campus. Or, instead of using their authentic voice in a college essay, they tried to be in control and write what they  thought admissions officers wanted to hear (which, by the way, never works). Conclusions Should you no longer apply to MIT if youre a pisces or are you automatically accepted if youre an Aquarius? Certainly not! Again, were not completely positive that our US population data is 100% accurate, and regardless, you can still see that many students were admitted with all of the zodiac signs (its almost as if were not lying when we say we want to admit a well-balanced class of different types of students with different personality types and accomplishments). More importantly, if you havent caught on already, the advice I gave to each of the signs above is applicable to ALL applicants (furthermore, these are just sun signs there is a complicated astrological world with moon, rising, mercury, venus, and many other signs as well). And for current MIT community members, there seems to be a lot of air signs (aquarius, gemini, libra) coming to our campus this week. That means there will be a lot of great ideas and adventure coming our way, but maybe less organizational skills (which makes me, as someone who manages some students, both very excited for new projects and programs, and also very nervous about students not showing up to scheduled appointments or booking random weekend adventures on a whim). While I was hoping for more leos in our class (my own personal bias for my sign), I am very excited for all of the amazing first-year students to begin their journeys at MIT!

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A Successful Medical School Reapplicants Story

This interview is the latest in an blog series featuring  interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at  the med school application process. And now, introducing Allie†¦ Accepted: Wed like to get to know you! Where are you from? Where and what did you study as an undergrad? Do you hold any other degrees? Allie: I am from a very small town in Indiana. I earned my BS in Biochemistry with a minor in Honors Research from Indiana University, and a Master of Arts in Bioethics and Medical Humanities from the University of Louisville. Accepted: Where are you in med school and what year are you in? Allie: I am a first year medical student at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Accepted: Did you go straight from college to med school, or take time off in between? What do you think the advantages are of taking time off? Allie: After college, I worked for a pharmaceutical company and attended graduate school in a subject area that interested me. After graduating with my Master’s, I got married, worked in two research labs for two years, continued to take science classes that interested me, volunteered with hospice, and traveled. Taking time off may not be the best option for everyone, but I’m glad I had that time to get a firm foundation in my marriage and grow personally and professionally before entering medical school. During grad school, I found a passion for pediatric ethics that has given me a slightly different direction for my long-term career plans and interests which are very different from what I thought I wanted the first time I applied to medical school. Accepted: What sort of doctor do you want to be?   Allie: I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician – I love the excitement that children exude, and their resilience is astounding. During graduate school, my focus was on pediatric bioethics, which led to a project on enhancing the use of bioethics committees for complex cases in the NICU. Because of that experience, my long-term goal is to become a neonatologist. The science behind the etiologies of congenital disorders fascinates me, and I love communicating with families. In dealing with bioethics, there is a lot of time spent in discussing end-of-life care, which especially triggered my interest when it occurs at the beginning of life. I found that I was skilled in communicating in difficult situations with families, and I found that I could make a tangible difference there. I’d love to work in an academic setting where I could teach while seeing patients and conducting research. I am also participating in my school’s Global Health Distinction Track, where I hope to work on projects investigating underserved women’s access to prenatal care and involving pediatric ethics. Accepted: Can you tell us about your upcoming summer program? (I also see youre expecting your first baby this summer – congrats!) Allie: I have accepted a position in the Pediatric Externship Program that is presented by my school’s Department of Pediatrics for the upcoming summer. In this program, we are matched to a unit in our children’s hospital for one month, and we are expected to take HP’s, present patients during rounds, and function as part of the medical team. We also get a small stipend and a pediatrics textbook. I am definitely looking forward to working in a hands-on environment and improving my clinical skills and knowledge! Yes, I am! Thank you! Our baby girl is due in mid-summer, so for the month of July I plan on learning how to be a new mom while working on my research project for the Global Health Distinction Track. I plan on thoroughly enjoying this â€Å"last summer† between MS1 and MS2. Accepted: Looking back at the med school application process, what would you say was your greatest challenge? What steps did you take to overcome that challenge? Allie: My first application cycle was not successful. Reapplying came with its own set of challenges: even though I was familiar with the process, I now had to deal with my own feelings of inadequacy and ineptitude. My confidence was rattled. I was second-guessing every step of the process, from my personal statement to my interview answers to which schools I considered. The self-doubt was the most grueling part of the process, even after I was offered acceptances. Another challenge that I did not expect was deciding among schools. I realized I was so fortunate to be in that predicament (especially after being unsuccessful previously) but now I had my husband to consider as well. What school was the best fit for me? What school was best for his job prospects? Where would both of us be happiest? The decision was a lot more complicated than I had thought it would be, especially because each school had a variety of things that I wanted in a medical education. In the end, we would up at the school closest to home and that has been a great decision. Accepted: Can you tell us about your blog? Who is your target audience? How have you benefited from the blogging experience? Allie: I started my blog just over two years ago as an outlet for writing. Since I was working and no longer a full-time student writing 30-page papers every week, I craved the creative outlet. One of my passions is helping others to achieve, I thought that maybe my story could help others who may be in the same position – unsure what to do about my passion for medicine but having an unsuccessful application cycle. I thought it was important to share not only my successes but also my failures and my missteps. Even though I’ve been successful, it wasn’t seamless – I wanted to share the truth about the struggle. My target audience has primarily been other premed students, but I also write about my travels and (mis)adventures, to share a bit more of my life besides the student aspect. I’ve met some great people through my blog, and I’ve had several reach out to me to say that my story gives them hope, which is great since that was my goal! You can read more about Allie’s journey by checking out her  blog, Paging Dr. Allie. Thank you Allie for sharing your story with us! Do you want to be featured in Accepted.coms blog, Accepted Admissions Blog? If you want to share your med school journey with the world (or at least with our readers), email us at ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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The Success Of Super Bowl Commercials By George Orwell

Thousands of Americans gathered to watch the 1984 Super Bowl, a tradition that had become a trademark in our societal culture. However, what those viewing did not know was that they would soon witness a revolutionary advertisement that would impact pop culture around the country every year following that moment. Apple would discover the success of Super Bowl commercials by referencing to one of the most beloved yet feared works of recent American history: â€Å"1984†. By alluding to the novel â€Å"1984† by George Orwell, the Apple Company was able to market their product successfully by showing representations of what the audience’s life would be like without the product, what their product represents, and how their product will impact the well-being of the viewers. As the commercial commences, viewers are introduced to a line of marchers making their way down a tube-like hallway with small screens connected to the walls that watch their every step (Mac). The ma rchers all wear the same grey, oversized work clothing and a glimpse of their faces reveals that they are completely bald and hold the same emotionless facial expressions. (Mac). On the screens it is seen that there is a man speaking to them in a dictator-like fashion whose speech is heard throughout the entirety of the advertisement as he begins to speak of â€Å"Information Purification Directives† and a â€Å"garden of pure ideology† (Mac). The marchers, which represent what would become of society, blindly follow the words of the